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Create product catalog with Publuu – online catalog maker to attract new clients and get more orders. Turn your static PDF file into an interactive catalog within seconds. Add animated links to your product pages, share and track your product catalog in real time.

Benefits of creating product catalogs

Product catalogs are the most powerful addition to your content marketing strategy. You need them to promote your products, widen your customer reach and generate more sales in a cost effective way.

So if you want your online product catalog to be reliable, engaging, look great and stay with your recipients for a long time, you need a flipbook!



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Digital Catalogs – Features

Responsive design

Your digital catalog will always be at your fingertips. It doesn’t matter whether you view it on a tablet, smartphone or a laptop, it will look and work great on any device. Make a catalog and impress your clients anytime and anywhere.

Online catalogue - responsive design
Interactive Online Catalog

More orders

Improve your clients’ online shopping experience by providing extra photos and videos within your digital catalog. Add direct links to your product details website to make your clients buy easier and faster. Fast-forward the buying process.

Share your catalog

Share your product catalog with a direct link. No more dealings with e-mail attachments, large files downloads and company’s IT security policy. Your product catalog will display instantly on your client’s device with just one click. And it’s so easy to embed it on any website or post on social media!

Share your online catalog
Track your online catalog

Track your catalog

Just sent a link with your product catalog to an individual client? Great! Now it’s the time to find out which pages attracted his or her attention! Track your online catalog and be notified when it gets opened and follow it up at the right time.


Online catalogs examples

Publuu online catalog maker is being used by more and more clients around the world. Join them and see how easy and business-useful they are.

How to create a product catalog ?

With our digital catalog software creating a stunning online catalog is as easy as it gets! Follow our guide to see how to create a truly interactive catalog with a few clicks.

  1. convert


    Open a free Publuu account. Upload your PDF file and Publuu will automatically convert it into a stunning online catalog, packed with many smart and useful features. It's really that easy.

  2. customize


    Upload your logotype, change the name and description. Choose the background theme or set your own color to match your brand. Finally add interactive elements to engage your clients!

  3. share


    Add animated and customized hotspots with videos and photo galleries showing each of your products. Insert links to your product details web page for faster sales.

  4. track


    Share your flipbook product catalog with as many people as you wish. Embed it on a website, publish on social media or send it as a direct link.

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Online catalogs more benefits

Creating an interactive digital catalog from a PDF will promote your products, get you more clients and increase your sales. Check out all the smart features Publuu gives you and make your first online flipbook catalog today!

Custom Design

Custom Design

Brand your product catalog with your logotype and custom colors. Use one of our digital catalog templates to make it unique and engaging. You PDF will never be boring again!

Professional Look

Professional Look

Your flipbook online catalog design will combine the world of print and cutting-edge technology, giving your audience a unique professional product experience.



No Publuu’s or other ads near your digital catalog’s content. Our online catalog viewer’s clean and sleek design was made strictly with users experience in mind.

No download

No download

Downloading and opening static PDF-based catalogs has always been a nightmare. Not anymore! Just send a link and your product catalog will open instantly with one click, without the need of downloading anything.

Easy updates

Easy updates

Update your online catalog anytime with just one click, without having to resend it or change its link. Replace the existing catalog with a new one and all your hotspots with links, photos and videos will stay in the same place. Isn’t is easy?

PDF manager

PDF manager

All your product catalogs clearly arranged and stored in one central location available to anyone in seconds. With our search tool your teammates will quickly find a product catalog they are after.

External links

External links

Add animated and custom color hotspots with external links to you products. This way you will bring your client’s attention to the product in your digital catalog and then buy it on your website.

Pop up photos

Pop up photos

You can insert a pop-up photo gallery into your product catalog. Your clients will be able to see the whole product in full screen mode without need to zoom in.

Social media

Social media

With Publuu you can post your product catalog as a stunning 3D cover page with engaging title and description below, where regular PDFs simply don’t work.

Online Product Catalogs Design Tips

Online Catalog Design Tips

What is an online product catalog?

A good online catalog is more than just a detailed description of your products and services — it’s also an invitation. It showcases your products, services, or achievements and present them in the best way possible. For small companies or freelancers, an online catalog is one of the most cost-effective alternative to promote their business.


Call to actions

Use call to actions and hyperlinks. You can use Publuu’s unique hotspot feature to easily place them in your online catalogs to present extra product information to your clients. You can improve your customers’ online experience, by providing online photos, videos online or even audio files.


Product catalog template

Use online graphic resources to find your perfect product catalog template. Many free catalog templates use boxes where you can place your product photos. Don’t be afraid to present as many images in your product catalogs as possible. Your customers want to evaluate your work before they pay for it.


Cover and the back page

The front page of your online catalog should feature the most attractive image, a descriptive, succinct title, and a brief description of the contents. The back cover should also contain contact information – you can also include some interesting offers that you want your reader to remember from your online catalog. It takes a lot of time and effort to make an effective cover design, but what if you could also use a catalog template to do just that ? Using a free catalog template will enable you to create a professional and personal catalog cover in just a few minutes. Think about this …


Compatibility of your product catalog

When you create and publish your product catalog manually online, you are responsible for its compatibility with a variety of devices, operating systems, and web browsers. Make sure that your online catalog is accessible to everybody. Publuu can be a great help here.

Our customers also ask:

  • Can I see any product catalog examples?

    There are plenty of product catalog in the examples tab. Feel free to browse them all and find inspiration for your own!

  • What are the benefits of an online product catalog?

    Online product catalogs are a great way to attract more customers. They also help in creating a brand image. With Online Product Catalog Maker you can quickly add your company logo and adjust the style to your brand needs to make it even more recognizable. It also helps you to gain your viewers’ attention by the use of multimedia, such as videos or photo galleries.

  • How to make a product catalog for free with Publuu?

    Publuu offers you a free trial during which you can create your first amazing product catalog from PDF with just a few clicks! You can also try all the functions of our Online Catalog Creator and check how they can benefit your business.

  • What is the best program to create a catalogue?

    We recommend using the Online Product Catalog Maker since it is one of the simplest tools available on the Internet and a great choice for those who are looking for intuitive software for creating a stunning product catalog with multiple branding, publishing, and analytics options.

  • What makes a good interactive product catalog?

    A good interactive product catalog should be engaging and easy to navigate – with our Catalog Maker it is pretty easy to achieve this effect. Add the eye-catching interactive elements, such as photo galleries, videos, GIFs, audio, or links, and use an easy-to-navigate interface to make reading your flipbook an enjoyable experience.

  • How many product catalogs can I make with Publuu?

    You can have from 10 to even 500 product catalogs stored at the same time in the cloud – the number of catalogs depends on the pricing plan you choose. Publuu offers you four different pricing plans: Basic, Optimum, Professional, and Premium – go to Prices and see which one is best for you.

  • How to embed a product catalog into my webpage?

    Thanks to Publuu’s simple embed code generator you can add your digital catalog anywhere on your website as if it was always an integral part of it. You can find the detailed instruction on how to do this in the following article: How to embed a flipbook into my website

  • How to add links to my catalog?

    You can add links to your product catalog in the form of clickable areas or animated hotspots that will transfer your recipients to a chosen website or an online store. Here you can find the tutorial on how to add links: How to add links to your online flipbook?

  • What size my product catalog should be?

    Actually, it depends on many different factors: the size of the photos you add or the number of pages. However, when using Publuu you don’t need to worry about the size of your product catalog – it allows you to share large files as a direct link that you can send via email or publish on social media accounts.

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